About Us

About Cascadia Catnip & Cat Herbs

Our mission: To enrich the lives of your cats through the use of organic and wholesome cat-pleasing herbs and herbal blends.

Headquartered along the banks of the Green River in Washington State, our gardens are located in the ideal climate to grow a variety of cat-pleasing herbs. Our organic Cascadia Catnip is, of course, the cat’s meow, but we are also pleased to be one of the only sources of locally grown Silver (or matatabi, as it is known in Japan) in North America. Although rare in the United States, matatabi is well-known in Asia where it is regularly offered to cats for enrichment purposes. In fact, its use there far surpasses even catnip.

In addition to Cascadia Catnip and Silver™, Cascadia offers herbal blends that incorporate even more of the many herbs that cats find entertaining. If you have one of those rare cats who has never responded to catnip, don’t despair—it’s entirely likely that our Silver or herbal blends will entertain even your finicky kitty.

We are always pleased to hear from cat owners (or cats themselves). You can contact us through this form.

About Cascadia

Cascadia is an enchanted region which comprises most of the Pacific Northwest United States (including, by some definitions, northernmost California) and British Columbia. The actual boundaries vary based on whom you talk to and, usually, how militant they are about Cascadia’s future as an independent nation. Or by how fervently they believe in the existence of Sasquatch. Or the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Or the virtues of our borderline-obscene mollusk, the geoduck.

Cascadia’s obvious quirkiness is exceeded only by its beauty. And this unique bio-region is the ideal climate for growing any number of crops, including all of the cat herbs we feature in our store. We are proud to offer only Cascadia-grown, organic herbs—your cat will appreciate the difference!

About Esperanto (E-O)

You might be wondering why we offer an Esperanto version of this website. Allow us to explain.

Esperanto is a constructed language invented in 1887 by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof, also known as “Dr. Esperanto.” Esperanto is not intended to replace any organic language but to instead act as a universal second language.

One of Esperanto’s advantages is that it is designed to be easy to learn. In a single year of study, Esperanto students typically progress to the same level of proficiency that students of other languages attain only after 4-6 years of study.

We provide an Esperanto version of this website in order to reach the cats of the approximately two million Esperantists who live around the globe. Today Esperantujo—tomorrow the universe!

If you are interested in learning more about Esperanto or taking a free online course, we recommend starting at www.lernu.net.

About the Cat Art on our Site

The charming kitty you see gracing our website’s headers is named Punky Dunk. Created by an uncredited author and illustrator for a series of children’s books in the early part of the last century, Punky Dunk has been rediscovered and adopted by an entirely new generation of fans. In fact in 2012, on the 100th anniversary of the publication of “Punky Dunk and the Goldfish,” an interactive ebook of the original story was published in ap form, available for both Android and Apple devices. We recommend this charming ebook to young readers whole-heartedly. We’re thrilled to see Punky Dunk continuing his career into the 21st Century!

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