How to Use Catnip and Other Cat Herbs

Fresh herbs and greens

Fresh herbs are a delight. There’s just no other way to put it. And cats appreciate fresh herbs and greens in their diet the same way we appreciate freshness and variety when we visit a salad bar. And you can certainly grow plants for your cat at home—unfortunately, many of us don’t have the space (or the time) to devote to growing large patches of catnip or Jinji or matatabi or marum (and so on!). But even your indoor cats deserve to nibble on garden fresh cat greens. We recommend growing a container of Cascadia Cat Greens. Our seed packets make the process of growing greens easy and fast, fresh and green. Your cat will love them.

Dried herbs

For most of us, dried herbs are the obvious best choice. The varieties available through Cascadia Catnip & Cat Herbs far exceed what most of us would ever be able to grow in our own yards. You can find something here to please even the most selective cat. Plus, the drying process tends to concentrate the active ingredients that cats find so alluring. Dried cat herbs tend to trigger the “fun” response in cats even more strongly than fresh herbs. A cat who might nibble on a fresh sprig of catnip will often lose her mind when exposed to the dried version. It’s fun for both you and your cat! Store your dried herbs in an airtight container in your freezer and they’ll remain effective even longer.


  •  Loose - Toss a spoonful of Cascadia Catnip or Jinji™ on the floor for your cat to attack with glee. Sure, you’ll have to do a little clean up afterward, but that’s true of all the best parties.


  • Boxes - Perhaps you’ve noticed that cats hold a special affection for empty cardboard boxes. If you have one handy, put some catnip blends inside. Your cat will know what to do, and the mess will be better contained.


  • Baked - Did you know that cats like cookies? Well, they do—at least when they include special ingredients like Cascadia Catnip or any of our herbal blends. These treats are just that: treats—and are not intended to replace your cat’s regular diet. But they’re sure to appeal to the connoisseur in every cat!


  • Toys - So many catnip toys, so well loved—for at least ten minutes until the catnip inside gets nasty or spent. Here’s an idea—put a fresh supply of Cascadia’s dried herbs into a zip bag. Now take those abandoned mousies and place them into the toe of a clean nylon stocking (one that’s seen better days and is destined for retirement anyway). Then put those nylon-shrouded mousies into the zip bag with the herbs for a few days. Presto! Suddenly those abandoned toys are once again your cat’s bestest friends.