Our Research Staff - Who tests our catnip blends?

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Is your cat interested in joining our research staff?

We’re looking for cats to test our products, especially cats who don’t respond to traditional catnip. Cats who are photogenic, who have access to both still and video cameras (bonus points if your cat can take a selfie), and who can express their opinions strongly and concisely, through either facial expression, mime, cheer leading routines, interpretative dance & tumbling, or the reporting skills of their representative humans. If you think your cat has the skilz and commitment to test our products, apply to be a guest researcher today!

Given Name: Elvis

Government Name: Effie Linda Lowman

Goes By: Ef

Effie and his seven (!) littermates were born to a feral mom in park on the banks of the Green River. Although several of his siblings had a difficult adjustment to indoor life, Ef had an innate understanding that the ideal relationship between cat and human is the same as that between master and servant. Now that he has a staff to bring him catnip and otherwise pamper him, he never misses the scrappy days of his misspent youth.

Ef's Recommendations:

Ef is an unpretentious cat who likes his catnip straight and uncut. When he wants to let his hair down and relax, there’s nothing he enjoys more than the mellow smoothness of Cascadia Catnip. Not a blend, but pure organic catnip, Cascadia Catnip is the natural choice for cats who love a little recreational indulgence to cap off a long day of…whatever cats do. Napping?

Ef's Favorite Celebrity Cat:

Snoopy. Due to the similarities between them, Ef is convinced Snoopy is actually a cat—no matter what Charlie Brown says.

Given Name: Ivy

Government Name: Ivory

Goes By: Ivo

Ivo was hired for catnip research directly from the King County animal shelter. Once she became “of age” (most kittens don’t respond to catnip until sometime after they reach twelve weeks of age), she became an enthusiastic and discriminating member of the research team. Always ready to sample new products, Ivo considers herself a sommelier of catnip blends, recommending the best herbs to coordinate with any meal, be it canned, kibbled, or custom cooked.

Ivo's Recommendations:

Ivo savors her blends slowly, often returning to her serving several times over the course of the evening to appreciate the subtle strains of the component herbs. Recently she’s developed a special fondness for Nipoholic blend. Nipoholic is a balanced combination of several herbs, most with the same (or very similar) active ingredient as catnip.

Ivo's Favorite Celebrity Cat:

Garfield because the gingers have to stick together—they do have souls, they do!

Given Name: Luna

Government Name: Looney Tikki-Tavi

Goes By: Mitch

Mitch is Effie’s littlest sister, the runt of a litter born to a feral mom cat in a local park on the Green River. Their “rescue” involved extracting each kitten from a rotting, hollow stump that the mom used as a home, much like the old woman who lived in a shoe. Mitchie was the smallest, weighing less than half of any of her siblings. But she rebounded! Since then she’s been making up for lost time, indulging in both food and herbal “supplements.” She loves her Cascadia cat herbs!

Mitch's Recommendations:

Mitch is a Pokemon at heart, a true anime artwork in the finest Japanese tradition. As such, she is well aware that the herb of choice of cats in Asia isn’t catnip—it’s Silver™. Every bit as effective as traditional catnip, Silver™ is the joy of many cats around the world, whether they respond to the ’nip or not.

Mitch's Favorite Celebrity Cat:

Maru, for three reasons:

  1. He's Japanese! And Scottish!
  2. Like Luna, Maru’s round physique belies a superior athleticism
  3. He has taken a love of cardboard boxes to an artistic extreme. She respects that.

Given Name: Nico

Government Name: Nika-chaca Chupa-cabra

Goes By: Nick

Nick is a ghost, a vapor. He is often invisible, napping in the hidden condo he built in the bedroom closet. When not there, he’s in his attic garret writing tortured poetry by candlelight, futilely attempting to exorcise the demons of his youth. You see, as a kitten, Nick was abandoned in a strip mall parking lot. Despite being brought home to a loving and supportive family, he’s adopted a gothic mien ever since. His favorite holiday? Halloween. Go figure.

Nick's Recommendations:

Nick likes to go completely off the grid by concocting his own custom blends of Cascadia Catnip, Jinji™, and Silver™. Never one for predictability, Nick likes to experiment with various combinations, usually built on a strong base of straight Cascadia Catnip. Nick has confided that, if he could smoke our blends in a hookah, he would.

Nick's Favorite Celebrity Cat:

Sylvester the Talking Cat (note: NSFW!). Sylvester’s attitude and chronic potty mouth are traits that Nick aspires to emulate in his own art.