March 2015

Fitting a Cat into a Too Small Box

Iver (one of last year's foster kittens), at just 8 weeks old, can already demonstrate this advanced technic. Yes, his complete lack of a tail may be an unfair advantage. But just look at how proud he is!

Step 1: Tuck in your tail - if you have one!


Step II: Bask in the glory of achievement.


Step III: Make your statement: "I may not always use catnip, but when I do, it's Cascadia Catnip."

What is an "M" Cat?


Mitchie is a classic "M" cat, so-called because of the M-shape formed by the stripes on her forehead between her eyes. Tabbies come in several patterns (Mitch happens to be a mackerel tabby, which means she has alternating grey and black, tiger-like stripes) and nearly all are naturally branded with the classic tabby "M".

What does the "M" stand for? This is a question that has plagued poets and ponderers alike, ever since the first domestic cats came in from the wilderness to help early man defend his grain stores from ravaging rodents. But I, Angeline, know the secret. How did I figure it out? Simple. I asked Mitch. "Mitch," I said, "What does that 'M' on your forehead stand for?"

Her reply?