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What is an "M" Cat?


Mitchie is a classic "M" cat, so-called because of the M-shape formed by the stripes on her forehead between her eyes. Tabbies come in several patterns (Mitch happens to be a mackerel tabby, which means she has alternating grey and black, tiger-like stripes) and nearly all are naturally branded with the classic tabby "M".

What does the "M" stand for? This is a question that has plagued poets and ponderers alike, ever since the first domestic cats came in from the wilderness to help early man defend his grain stores from ravaging rodents. But I, Angeline, know the secret. How did I figure it out? Simple. I asked Mitch. "Mitch," I said, "What does that 'M' on your forehead stand for?"

Her reply?



New Poetry from Margaret Elizabeth Bednar


she owns the tufted
Redgrave chair,

flicks not a whisker
as she saunters past three dogs
who diligently avoid eye contact -

no contest
the early morning sunspot
belongs to her.

A world encased
about her protectively,
yet she's drawn to the kill -

chatters and stalks,
tense behind glass.  "Domesticated"
or so we tell ourselves


Margaret Elizabeth Bednar is a poet, blogger, and mother of six from North Carolina. She shares her home with several animals including her cat Gabriella, featured in the photograph here (yes, that's actually a photograph!). You can read more of her poetry at Art Happens 365. Thanks, Margaret, for sharing your talents--and Gabriella--with us here!

Honorary Cascadia Cat: E.T.


Allow me to introduce you to our inaugural guest cat, and what a handsome boy he is. Meet E.T.—12-year-old fur child of Jim and Suzann (it was Suzann who took these stunning photos, by the way). They report that E.T. is a big fan of catnip. “Gets downright silly with it,” according to the household humans; they tell us they named him E.T. because he was born with huge eyes that made him look like an alien. We’ll let Suzann give us the rest of the highlights:

"E.T. was born in this house. His mother was brought here not spayed. We believe she was already pregnant when she got here. She was a lovely grey cat. She became very ill about two weeks after giving birth to six kittens. She stopped nursing and we had to hand feed them all. The kittens all survived but his mom did not. She died a few weeks later which was devastating. We found homes for three of the kittens and kept three.

"E.T. is one of the most sweet, loving cats I've ever met. He comes when called. He is so nice that if he catches a mouse in the house and I tell him to drop it....he does. He's an inside cat, but if he makes an escape outdoors you would think he would run like the wind for freedom but he doesn't. If I see him slip out a door all I have to do is go out and call his name and he comes immediately. He loves to go for walks on a leash. He still has those big beautiful eyes. He loves his sister Bear more than anything. They are almost always together."

If you’d like us to feature your special feline as an honorary Cascadia cat, just let us know. And thanks, Suzann, for sharing E.T. with us!