Flo the Barn Cat

Jon Katz is a writer, blogger, photographer and ponderer. He lives on his Bedlam Farm in New York State with several donkeys, sheep, dogs, chickens, and two barn cats. He has taken the unusual step of making his photographs available to anyone who would like to use them--without restriction. I love this portrait that he published today of his cat Flo (titled "Cat Mystique"), not to mention what he has to say about her (and other barn cats). Enjoy more of Jon's work and thought-provoking articles at Bedlam Farm.com.


"Cats are mystical creatures, part wild animals, part pets, independent beings with a mystical streak. Flo is a barn cat come to live inside on the coldest nights, she is part housecat, part barn cat still, when she gazes out the window or sits by the night lamp, I see the mystical part of cats, part of their evocative mystique. I don't think Flo knows here name, or would ever respond to it. Dogs give themselves to us, they surrender much of their dignity to please us, I think Flo would rather die. I am thinking of changing her name to Cleopatra, because she seems to think she is the leader of the farmhouse.

"Barn cats are not pets, they retain a sense of the wild, of freedom, of choice and they are like other strong women, they can take care of themselves."  -- Jon Katz